December 2008
  • Scott+Scott Advocates Before the Third Circuit on behalf of UPS Employees
  • 2008 Securities Class Action Filings Surpass 2007
  • Implications of Resale Price Maintenance Agreements
  • Securities Litigation in 2009 and Tax Uncertainty
  • Events & Conferences


November 2008
  • ERISA Class Actions Protect Retirement Plans Hit Hard By the Financial Crisis
  • Holding Third Parties Liable For Complicity In Fraud: Auditors And Securities Fraud
  • In This Volatile Market, Investors Are Turning To Portfolio & Securities Litigation Monitoring Services To Recover Losses
  • Anti-Consumer Arbitration Abuse Prompts Congress To Consider Reforms
  • Class Certified On Behalf of Fifth Third 401(k) Participants: Scott+Scott Appointed Lead Counsel
  • US & International Events


September 2008
  • So What Exactly Is The "PLSRA?"
  • Corporations Continue To Play "Hide and Seek" With Electronically Stored Information
  • Antitrust Law: A Professional Sports Case Study
  • Scott+Scott Challenges Dismissal Of Action Against Medical device Maker
  • Accomplished Antitrust Partner Joins Scott+Scott


August 2008
  • Fuel Surcharges: Rising Gas Prices Hit Businesses and Consumer Beyond the Gas Pump
  • Class Recoveries Increase
  • Revisiting the Options Back-Dating Scandal
  • Scott+Scott Case Updates


July 2008
  • Developing Law: Global Class Actions
  • Obama Promises Vigorous Antitrust Enforcement
  • Understanding Subprime-Related Securities Class Actions
  • Scott+Scott Case Updates


June 2008
  • Significant Increase in Securities Class Actions Filing
  • Banks Steer Public Funds to High-Risk Structured Debt Investments
  • Scott+Scott Case Updates